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Cryptos with yellow holes

I'm new to keeping Cryptos, Wendii (?)           
in particular. I've noticed on a couple 
plants a small yellow "hole" will appear.          
Sometimes the hole will grow larger and 
in a couple weeks, the leaf will die. 
I'm wondering if anyone might lead 
me towards a diagnosis.
I have mostly plants from the Americas: Swords,
Val, Sag, Baccopa, Cambia. Also some Anubas Nana
and others I can't spell. They are doing fine.
Thanks in Advance                    
Tim - Pittsburgh                                                               
Tank Detail                                         
90 Gal high, 18" to substrate, 80 Gal water column     
3 mL PMDD (with NH4NO3)  daily, 25% water change weekly      
Substrate: 5" of lauterite/gravel mix , most plants in rubbermaid containers
CO2: 6 - 16 mG/ltr (injected, unregulated), O2:  saturated by days end
NH4: .02 max (at PMDD dose), NO2: undetectable, NO3: 5mG/ltr
Fe:  .05 mG/ltr to .1, P:   .02mG/ltr or less                     
pH:  6.7 to 7.0 (varies with CO2 level), Dh: 9, Kh: 4 
190 watt Aquasun VHO, 10.5 hrs/day      
Temp 78F via Dupla 150 watt substrate heating cable    
AquaClear 500 filter - downward deflected flow                    
4 SAEs, 7 Ottos, 3 Mollies, 1 Clown Loach (very few snails!)

P.S. If anyone is looking for CSM trace mix, K2SO4, or NH4NO3 for
     their PMDD, contact me and I'll sell you my excess by the 
     pound, at my cost, plus shipping.    :-)
     (NH4NO3 is fish-toxic if NH4 sustained above .02mg/ltr)