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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #556

To Steve P. who inquired re the concentration of muriatic acid; it's 3M
(three molar) hydrochloric (HCl) in said format (for concrete work, swimming
pool water treatment)... and will very likely work out just fine in the place
of the more concentrated nine molar. Simply triple the volume of the three. A
word of caution re even this concentrated acid (or bases for that matter);
there's an old saying, "do as you ought-a add acid to water"... to avoid
"bumping" and splashing accidents. I don't think the order of introduction of
dry ingredients into PMDD and other ersatz home-made fertilizer/supplement
formulizations (hey new word?) rely on A to B to C sorts of instruction sets,
HOWEVER, for safetys sake, I'd pre-mix (i.e. dilute the 3M HCL, aka muriatic
acid) the acid in distilled water before blending it in with the dry
ingredients. I realize 99%+ of folks would do this w/o mention, but the old
H.S. chem. teacher in me is still (ma)lingering.