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Re: compost in substrate.

>I am an avid outdoor gardner here in Zone 5 in Boulder, Colorado, and my
>compost heap is fabulous.  So tonight, unless I hear persuasive advice to
>the contrary, I am going to start my first plant tank by mixing soil and
>humus from my compost into the substrate.

While I'm no expert... I recently (1 week ago) started my 10 gal again
(since moving) and this time I put about 1" of potting soil in the bottom,
with about 1/2" gravel on top.

It turns the water a tea color for a while (did it a few months back with a
2.5 gallon), but over time it does clear up.

>What should the soil:substrate ratio be?    1:1?  1:2?  2:1 in the bottom
>third of the substrate?  2:1 in the bottom 2/3 of the substrate?

Beats me? :-)

>What is the importance of _not_ putting soil in the top layer of gravel?

I would imagine primarily to avoid stirring up a cloud every time it get's

- paul

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