Re: T-8 lighting construction

 <Matt MacGregor asked about T-8 lighting construction>

When I needed to add additional light to my 55G tank I looked at Grangers
I wanted a system of T8's because I needed to get 4 bulbs across the tank.
I found that the GE T8 bulbs along with the GE balast gave me the closest
 fit to what I wanted. Granger will not sell to individuals so I found a
local electrical supply company that would. If you have any questions about
the system the GE people are most helpful.

BULB = GE F32T8SPX50 5000K, average life 20,000 hrs, 2800 initial limens,
2520 ave lumens, and a CRI of 80. Cost $5.43 each

BALLAST = GE G4INT8120 Electronic 4 bulb Parallel Cost  $63.39

WIRING HARNESS = GE G4IS06-50116 Cost $1.90

The wiring diagram is printed on the ballast and the harness is a simple plug
I just used standard end caps and an acrylic top for the tank. I made my own
hood out of apple ply and painted the inside with white gloss (reflection 98
I added a DIY co2 generator and am pleased as punch.

Good luck Ric
Best to you.............Ric
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