Baby Flying Foxes

I went back to the aquarium store in my area with the descriptions of SAE
and Flying Fox babies.  I couldn't tell for sure, because most of them
seemed to not have barbels.  They all had large eyes and they all had a
part of the black stripe that went back to the tail.  All seemed to have
the faint bronze strip above the stripe that I think indicates a Flying

My main reason to pass them up though was that they all sat on the bottom
of the tank, doing nothing.  One of the responses indicated they'd be
pretty social and track patterns up and down the glass of the tank.  Since
they didn't, I decided they were Flying Foxes and gave up on them.

I'll be in San Francisco in 4 weeks for the FishRoom get-together on March
15.  I guess I'll just have to make a stop at the Albany Aquarium while I'm
there.  :-) 

David W. Webb in cold, rainy Plano, TX.