CO2 Capacity?

Paul Krombholz wrote:

>Having some carbonates in the tank increases the capacity of
>the water to hold CO2, but there is little benefit in continuing to add

Could you tell us a little more about that Paul?  I noticed something
similar a couple of weeks ago reading descriptions of CO2 reactors.  My
interest is along the following lines:  Assume a steady CO2 bubble size and
flow rate, and a steady flow of water through a given CO2 reactor.  If I
have say, about 7 mg/l CO2 at a pH of 7.0 with KH of 2.5, would I have a
greater CO2 mg/l concentration if I raised the KH to say 4?  In other
words, if I would be willing to accept a higher base case pH, could I
increase the CO2 levels for a given supply of CO2?