Re: lighting a hex tank

>I have recently purchased a hex tank (actually it was a christmas gift to
>>myself) and now i am contimplating the best way to set it up.  The
>biggest >problem is how to light the crazy thing!
>I am considering three options:
>1.  3 x 29w 4500k compact flourescents made into pendant fixtures (~$140)
>2.  1 175w 6500K metal halide pendant (~$250)
>3.  1 x 96w 6500k compact flourescent (~$???)

How about another option?  You could use two 22.5" high lumen biax bulbs
(see p. 942 of the '96 Grainger catalog - they're about $15 apiece).  These
come in 40 Watt and 50 Watt flavors, with the 50 Watt bulbs having shorter
lifetimes, and fewer color temperature options.  A ballast which lights 2
of these bulbs goes for ~$35 (p. 995 of the '96 Grainger catalog).

To mount the bulbs horizontally, you have to purchase a "2G11" type base,
which Grainger does not carry.  To get some, call Edwin Gaynor Company, at
203-378-5545 (in CT).  They will sell them to you direct.

Good Luck,

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