Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #486 -Reply


There has been a lot of discussion on this topic the past few weeks.   If
you assume the things really have an impact  and you MUST have one  (I
think it is the reason I finally got Barclaya to do well), then logically you
would want a product you knew was safe and effective.  Unfortunately
the Dupla system is WAY overpriced and I subscribe to the low wattage
argument so I had to roll my own.

I'm curious though, why people want to build these things from the
component level.  I've had a few inquiries on the use of switching
transformers, etc.  Unless you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING (and
judging from some of the questions I have been seeing at least some of
us - me included- dont.)  I would suggest  that safety considerations
override any small cost savings. Plus my guess is that after you buy the
transformer, mounting hardware, switch, fuze, timer, case, rectifier,
noise filter, etc. the cost has just gone way up.

Unless you have been seriously knocked on your butt, you can  not truly
appreciate what I am saying.  I'm making my last statement on this issue
because I posted a DIY solution that worked for me in the past. Since I
don't plan on putting my hands in any of your tanks I guess I dont really
have any say.  BE SAFE.

Lyndle Schenck