re: ferric citrat

>Could it be that the citrate is making the iron more available to the
>plants or perhaps is it a direct beneficial effect of the citrate itself?

I have been using citic acid anhydrous in my PMDD in an attempt to provide 
a longer shelf life. I have not noticed any changes in growth patterns on 
my plants. There is, however, a percipitant that forms when I add the drops 
into the overflow of the tank. I believe that the acid reacts with the 
protein layer on the water surface and "denatures" the protein.

Re: Amano fertilizer

>Now, why don't we take a respite from PMDD and Tropica MasterGrow, and try 
to figure out >what Amano is doing? Why don't we buy samples of all of his 
stuff: PowerSand, Green Mix >this and that, Special Hocus Pocus Goop A, B 
and C, and whatever else :-), and try to figure >out his methods?

Yes, pleeeeease. How does he carpet his gravel with E. tennellus and 
Glostostigma, anyways?