Re: Conductive Undergravel Heater

From: Michael Burgess mburgess at noia_net
Date: 01/31/97
Subject: Passive/Conductive Undergravel Heater

    Finally the Advent, Christmastide and Ephany seasons were over and I
had some time to surf and work on setting up my new 75 plant tank.  I am
still considering undergravel heating and doing more research.  I found
a web sight:/
   Where they mentioned a CONDUCTIVE substrate heating coil.  The end of
the coil wrapps around a submersable heater and then conducts that heat
to a coil under the gravel.  If it works it would do a great job of
removing the worries of running electicity under the gravel bed, buying
transformers and wiring the thing up.  Does anyone have any experience
with this system?  Please send some feed back, I am getting right down
to putting my tank up and it MUST work the first time or I won't get a
second chance.
        Thank you for all the fun information and help.
        Michael Lee Burgess