Re:Thanks for the info on far red lights

Thanks for all the information on the far red filters or lights.  I will
try to check them out by getting manufcturer's specs.  I suspect that the
fluorescent light is probably designed to give red, rather than far red
light, and is sold for those wanting to get short night plants to bloom.

One mistake I made in my original post was saying that Pr has an absorbtion
maximum of "around 600 nm".  The maximum should have been 660 nm for Pr.
Since 660 is pretty close to 730, the cut-off for a good filter for far-red
light should be right around 700 nm.  Perhaps some of those Kodak
photographic filters might be good for a far red filter.  Light at 730 is
getting close to the edge of the range for human vision.  I found that
Carolina Biological Supply has a far red filter, but, in the size I want,
it is too expensive.


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