african tiger lotus question

Are there any other factors, other than light intensity, in determining the
types of leaves that an african tiger lotus puts out?  I have a 240 gal
tank with only 380W of light, using a variety of full spectrum bulbs.
Initially, the bulbs put out small leaves, and then after a short while,
started producing floaters, which I snipped at the base.  After a few weeks
of this, I got some nice submerged leaves, both red and green types.  But
now they are producing more floaters.  The only thing that may have changed
was the addition of Hilena Crypto tabs (tetra) to the substrate.  I also am
dosing the tank with 20ml of tetra flora pride daily (my best guess for the
dosage) , and about 10ml of Horizon Growers supplement.    I am getting
good rapid growth with the hygrophilia species, and slower but steady
growth with the swords, tiger lotus, vallisneria, alternathera, and bacopa

Any thoughts would be appreciated.