Trace element source

     Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has a product called Aquatic Plant Stimulant, 
     which is "specially formulated with 6 of the most important elements 
     for pond plant growth.  These elements include boron, zinc, copper, 
     molybdenum and iron."
     The label does not list the relative concentrations, but it must have 
     chelated iron because it is an amber color, not rust.  It wouldn't 
     surprise me if this is the famous chelated trace element mix in 
     solution, packaged and marked up for a nice profit.
     A 16 ounce bottle supposedly treats 9,600 gallons, and at $9 a bottle 
     it appears to be a bargain.  I found it at Home Depot, in the pond 
     section.  This could be a useful alternative to those who cannot 
     locate the trace elements for PMDD (whether they have T-8 or T-12 
     bulbs, rapid or instant-start ballasts :-)