Re:90 gallon plant tank, suggestions?

     >First, is lighting.  I have read most, if not all, of the available 
     >material on lighting, and for now I am planning to go with NO T-8 
     >flourescents.  I am considering 8 tubes, for a total of 256 Watts, this is 
     >a little under the 3W/gallon rule, but wondered if it would be enough; 
     >especially considering that this 90 gallon is 24" high - maybe 10 would be 
     >better (boy that's a lot of tubes!)? 
     I have a 90 gallon, same dimensions, and I only use 4 NO flourescents (2 
     Philips Agro-lites and 2 Philips colortone 50's).  I have about 14 species 
     of plants (5 Echinodorus spp., 2 Aponogeton spp., 1 Sagittaria spp, 3 
     Cryptocoryne spp, Nymphaea lotus, Bacopa caroliniana, and Hygrophila 
     difformis).  They start to bubble O2 within 2 hours of the lights turning 
     on, and if rapid growth, blooms, runners and new red leaves on the 
     Echinodorus are any indication then the amount of light they receive is 
     I shoud also point out I add PMDD, CO2, and have a 4" loamy substrate.
     I do believe 10 tubes would be overkill, and 8 may be unnecessary, 
     depending on the types of plants you wish to grow.  If your plant list is 
     similar to mine, then 4 or 6 tubes will do the job.  How about if you start 
     with 6, and design your hood to add more later, if necessary?