RE: angels and plants for killies

I think this is a pretty harsh statement.  The breeder I bought my angels 
from raises all of his fry artificially so that he can prevent disease.  He 
also regularly uses wild angels in his breeding program to increase 
hardiness, and natural instinct.  Parent raised angels that have no wild 
blood left are much more detrimental to the hobby than artificially raised 
angels.  I plan to let my angels raise their own fry, but my breeder is in 
business.  And as an economist I can appreciate the fact that he wants to 
maximize profit.  Not to mention he culls all fry that are not perfect so 
it helps to have all of the fry he can to start with.

Plant content.  Has any one noticed that angels prefer to spawn on jungle 
val over amazon swords.

Also what are good plants for keeping with killis.  I plan to set up a 10 
gallon tank with two 18w lights and probably a sand or very fine gravel 
substrate with a little laterite mixed in (3-4 inches).  I would like to 
have the tank provide shelter for fry but not over clogged with plants that 
grow like weeds.  Was thinking more along the lines of Apon crispus, amazon 
sword, giant val, and crypts.   Basically plants that have distinct 

I was trying to stay out of this because it's really not plant
related, but I have to jump in on this comment.  _RESPONSIBLY
BRED_ tank raised Angels should be very good parents.  All of the
responsible Angel breeders I know allow the parents to raise their
own fry, and will not breed a pair that will not tend their spawn.
 This keeps the parental instincts strong, even if you get a few
less spawns out of each pair during the year.

Inexperienced young fish often eat their first few spawns, even
under good conditions.  _Very_ few pairs are willing and able to
properly tend their fry to independence under community tank
conditions.  As you mentioned, it only makes sense that they
should get the nutrition back rather than letting the eggs or
young fry get picked off by other fish.  This behavior allows them
to spawn again sooner, hopefully under better conditions.

IMO, if you want a display tank, you enjoy what (if any) fry
survive from serendipitous spawns.  If you want to breed fish, you
set them up in conditions that are suitable for them to succeed.
I would _not_ pull eggs.  It only adds to the pool of angels out
there who _won't_ tend their own spawns.

If anyone needs a source of angelfish stock that have very strong
parental instincts, and that have been raised _by their parents_
for generations, let me know, and I'll put you in touch with the
right people.  Good angels are no more expensive than bad ones.