Re:90 gallon plant tank, suggestions?

David Cooke enquired about a source of transformers for the Dupla heating 
cables.  For my Dupla cable I used an industrial control transformer that I 
purchased from Allied, 1-800-433-5700.  The part numbers etc. are as follows:

Stock no. VA rating Price
917-1030 180  38.57
917-1040 225  49.00
917-1050 275  63.21
917-1060 320  66.79

These transfomers are 120/240 volt primary and 24 volt secondary.  The VA 
rating is roughly the same as watts for this application.  These transformers 
come with screw type terminals which makes them a little easier to use.  Note 
that there are two links which need to be changed for 120 vs. 240 volt 
operation.  I used the 320VA unit and it has been running for roughly one week 
with no problems with a 250 watt cable.  These transformers are heavy duty and 
use alot of steel to improve efficiency.

Allied will ship UPS and they take credit cards.

Don Hutton