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You have it all "down pat" and I coouldn't agree with you more.  If the
answer to growing aquatic plants beautifully was very simple and there
was a way to make every aquarium exactly the same, it might not be as
much fun!  It is difficult to make our aquariums exactly the same, 
even right next to each other because of different fish, different size,
etc.  Karen "hits' the  nail on the head" with here statements.

>Easier and less expensive still is to use the very workable rule 
>of thumb, and watch your plants.  They themselves are a very good 
>indicator of adequate light levels.  It's interesting to measure 
>things, but I think we need to pay more attention to the response 
>in the plants themselves.

Another good piece of advice from Karen:

>> Have your plants grown in the 5 month period? If so, they could 
>> your tank too.
>These are all factors to consider, but here's another.  Very often 
>cheap shop lights come with very cheap tar ballasts that seriously 
>shorten the life of the tubes placed in them.  It's possible that 
>his tubes are burning out prematurely due to faulty ballasts.

Regarding Glossostigma, it too is grown emersed commercially and it takes
time to convert to submerse.  If most of the stems come off of the
"potted" purchase, let them float for a while until you see new growth.
Then plant the stems where they won't be disturbed -- in good light.
Be patient; and if you are lucky and give good care, it will carpet the
aquarium in the brighter areas. Neil Frank gave me some stems and I now
have a carpet, so it can work that way.

Good luck!