Re:Re: Watts Vs. Lumens.

Michael Bateman:

That is the best answer I have heard in a long time. 100% on target. I
HUNT for the lumen rating of the bulbs I buy. I would guess with only a
30% success rate. Lumens represent a "standard" while Watts simply
represent a power level irrespective of the equipment it is supplying
the power to. As you said (): 500 watts of standard yellow kitchen
bulbs is a far cry from 500 watts of halogen!

So how does the beginning duffer, (a phase which IMHO I am just moving
out of) measure his light? ... without buying expensive esoteric

There is a way it can be done. How?

Looking forward to hearing ideas.
Jutin Healy in wet, cool, Savannah where the eyes on my shrimp's
embryos are visible!