Feeding otocinclus with SAEs and others

We've noticed that in our community tanks when algae wafers or other
food is put in, the SAEs and other fish consume it and the otos don't
get much opportunity. How can we ensure that the otos get enough food?

I also keep Bettas in a community tank and the smallest ones don't
come to the surface when I hand feed frozen brine shrimp. I put in
sinking shrimp pellets; I wonder if otos eat these too.

Perhaps the trick is to feed several types of food at once so the
aggressive fish are diverted from the algae wafers. Of green pea
pods, zuchini, cucumber and other fresh foods, which are the favourites
of otos? The cucumber turned to mush in a couple of days in a tank
with only otos however I think the SAEs ate what I gave them. It
appeared that the otos did gnaw a little at the cucumber. Perhaps
there's enough soft algae that they're not interested?