Is this a good price for a 75g?

I've been lurking for months now, and have learned quite a
bit - so much so, that I am ready to try things out on a much
larger scale.  Anyway, I ran across this used aquarium in the
paper, but don't have any idea what a "good" price on a used
aquarium is.  It is a 75g oceanic, with stand and 2 strip lights,
Eheim 2215 filter, 200w submersible heater, gravel and
assorted driftwood.  The tank is 5 years old, and they are
asking $300.00.  Sound good, or should I pass?  The tank
appears to be in good condition, and I could see no "visible"
signs of water leakage.

Thanks in advance for any replys, thoughts and comments!

david at joshua_medimg.emory.edu