Mail Order Plants and Compact Fluorescen

Paul Rothel wrote:

>Can anyone tell me a good mail order sorce for Aquarium
>plants.  The pet shops in my area just don't have much of a

Another good supplier is Darin of the Aquatic Greenhouse.  He too, is fairly 
busy, but also gives very good advice on plant tanks.  He ships very high 
quality plants.   Call and leave a message at 813-935-8318.  

Olga wrote:

> While on the subject of compact florescents, can someone out there 
     tell me
     > what wattage they are using? I have a 20 gallon tank that I would 
     like to
     > use them over. I assume that one can simply screw them into an 
     > aquarium hood, thereby getting two florescent bulbs instead of two
     > incandescents.

Reiterating, the base of the screw-in type compact fluorescents are huge.  I 
doubt that it would fit into the "normal" canopy included with most 
aquariums.  I just constructed a DIY hood with 5 13W compact fluorescent 
tubes to fit over a 10 gallon tank. [I know, maybe a bit too much light :)].  
Anyway, with help from Neil and Erik, I was able to purchase the ballast, 
socket and tube for less than $10.  The wiring was very straightforward 
(although there are a LOT of wires), and the result is an amazingly bright 
hood that only gets moderately warm.