Re: Stop the repeats

Nick and all -

Nothing can be done except to email the "offender" directly and caution 
them not to do this in the future.  I do this.

Unfortunately, the feature of Majordomo that allows the size of posts to 
be restricted (i.e., rejected if over a certain size) doesn't work when a 
digest format is in use; all that happens when an over-sized post arrives 
in the generation of a digest.  

I could change the list to a non-digest format and enable that feature.  
Opinions?  (Directly to me, please.  Let's not muck up the list with this 
discussion unless there's a significant number of people who want to 
switch - significant being over 50% of the subscribers.  I'll keep you 


> From: Nick LaRocca <nickl at css_sed.monmouth.army.mil>
> Date: Mon, 13 May 96 11:10:01 EDT
> Subject: Stop the repeats
> Can something please be done about the person(s) who insist
> on repeating the whole APD every time they reply.
> It is very annoying and wasteful.