Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #324

George Booth wrote...
> PS: To those folks posting from PCs or systems with editors that don't
> use line-feed - some mail readers will not format your lines and some
> of us will not bother to reformat your messages, losing most of it
> past the right margin, and thus, won't answer your questions.  The
> last one I had trouble with was from "franc at golden_golden.net".
Oops, sorry guys! As soon as I realised that formatting characters 
are missing from the above mentioned post, I remailed it. The truth 
is I imported the file from my friend's computer, who is also an avid 
aquatic gardener and member of AGA, but don't have the access to 
e-mail. So I am copying posts I get through e-mail to him. There aint 
nothing wrong with my PC.
I hope this List lives long and prospers!!! :-)

Franc Gorenc                                 franc at golden_net
Kitchener, Ontario                       http://www.golden.net/~franc