If it Ain't broke..............

Now back to plants,
     After adding a CO2 injector to my tank, I was amazed and delighted at 
the tremendous growth in my tank. I was using Tetra Florapride and having 
good results. My definition of good results being good plant growth with 
little or no algae problems. 
     Happy at my successful tinkering, I decided to tinker some more; So I 
ordered some fertilizer. I ordered Coralife iron supplement and Kent Marine 
freshwater micronutrient with iron. I also ordered Tetra's Crypto tabs. I 
started adding small amounts of each at each water change. The plants 
responded with even more tremendous growth. I bet you can probably guess what 
happened next.
     Yep that's right, Algae. Even the word is ugly. My best description 
would be a soft, light green fuzz. Almost invisible when viewed directly on, 
it is quite visible from the side. It appears as 1/4 to 1/2 inch long 
filaments attached mostly to the swords. My Otos won't touch the stuff, and 
it is impossible to remove by hand. 
     The 42 gallon hex is densely planted. It is virtually overgrown with 
Limnophila Sessiflora. It also contains a large Echinodorus Cordifolius and a 
large Echinodorus Paniculatus. The shade is divided up, by various Crypts and 
an A. Nana .
 My next move is as follows: 
1. Stop the fertilizers for a while, maybe a long while!
2. Order a phosphate and nitrate test kit.
3. Change part of the water.
4. Hope that one of you has some great advice.

     Am I the only guy that can't leave good enough alone, or are the rest of 
you just smart enough to keep it to yourselves?