Re: aquatic plant book list

>From: Elizabeth Worobel <eworobe at cc_UManitoba.CA>
>Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 17:52:58 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plant Books
>I have to admit to being somewhat of a book freak. With this in mind, and 
>having read the FAQ, how about putting together a list of the aquatic 
>plant books that we all own? The purpose would be to allow me (and others 
>so inclined) to purchase some of the books that are so casually mentioned 
>in the mailing list.
>Ill start us off ...
>Sculthorpe, C. D. 1967. The Biology of Aquatic Vascular Plants. Koeltz 
>Scientific Books, Konigstein, Germany, 610 pp.
>Oriental Aquarium (S) Pte Ltd. 1991. Aquarium Plants. Oriental Aquarium, 
>Scheurmann, I. 1993. Aquarium Plants manual. Barrons, Georgetown, ON, 92 pp.
>James, B. 1986. Aquarium Plants. TetraPress, Salamander Books, New York, 
>NY, 117 pp.
>Windelov, H. 1987. Aquarium Plants, a complete introduction. T.F.H. 
>Publications, Inc., Neptune City, NJ, 07753, 128 pp.
>Hutchinson, G. E. 1975. A Treatise on Limnology. Vol. 3 Limnological 
>Botany. John Wiley and Sons, Toronto, 660 pp.
>Arber, A. 1920. Water Plants. Reprinted 1972 by Strauss and Cramer GmbH, 
>D - 6901 Leuterhausen, 436 pp.

I am sort of a book freak too. :-) Sort of a collector! I would be
interested in finding out who else that reads this list likes to collect
books (or old aquarium magazines) with useful information on aquatic plants.
Sometimes I have extra (used) copies of out-of print books that I have for

Regarding the idea of a list, the AGA has already done this in its
"Bibliography for Aquatic Gardeners," a 36-page booklet with 100's of
references (including all of the ones listed above).

Neil Frank                 Aquatic Gardeners Association,  Raleigh NC