Re: electrical safety

>From: KB Koh <KB_Koh at ccm_ipn.intel.com>

>What is that Ground-Fault-Interrupt? Is it the same as ELCB (Earth Leakage 
>Circuit Breaker). Over here it is required by law for every home to have it.
>The better way is to ground the water with a wire and hook it to ELCB or 
>your GFI(?). Any current leakage to the water would immediately trip the 
>breaker. Anyone know of any side-effect to the water here?

Sounds like they are the same device.  In my city, as of 8 years ago when I
bought my house, GFI was required for the bathroom outlet circuits in new
houses only.  I don't know the current law.  I believe it compares the
current in the hot and return lines and cuts the electricity as soon as the
two aren't the same.  If this is the case then I don't think there is a need
to ground the water, since any leakage to anywhere would trip it.