Re: List Vs. Newsgroup

I have enjoyed this list immensely and while there are advantages
already stated I'd like to express a definite vote in support of
bringing it to a conclusion in favour of the newsgroup.

1. Our following is growing daily and the size of the list is
growing correspondingly. It is becoming a major (albeit pleasant)
diversion but I'd like to be more selective about which topics
I read or contribute to.

2. Shaji wishes not to continue administering this list forever.
I'm sure he's not going to pull the plug on us precipitously but
I don't think it fair to continue to add to his workload. (as the
list membership grows so does the work)

3. Those seeking advice will need to post twice, once to the newsgroup
and once here in order to reach all those who will have to ration
their reading time.

4. Those giving advice probably need to ration their reading/writing
time and would probably prefer to devote their attentions to a single

5. The newgroup subject line can be used to great advantage to
selectively read only those articles you choose too. You can still
read everything if you want to.

6. There is no reason we can't continue to "self-police" ourselves
to discourage flamers and opinionated posters. Granted we no longer
have the threat of banishment to motivate good manners however,
we WILL have killfiles and they can be pretty handy. ;-)

7. With our daily contacts here I think we've made a lot of good
friendships; I hope we can continue to have that. (not really an
argument for but countering the argument against)

I'm saying this because I think several of us will need to take
a stance in order to convince the group of the necessity of this.
Having said all this (don't flame me too hard folks ;-) I want 
to say I'm really going to miss this forum when it eventually
does go (as it someday needs to).   :'<

Steve      "hey let's all go checkout the newsgroup!!!"