New Newsgroup

My $.02: 

Yes, I'd hate to see this list go. I just found it. My (unfortunately)
internet "provider" is AOL. I'll have to pay $2.95 an hour to read the
newsgroup on-line. They don't support off-line reading for Macintoshes.
(Traitors.) Further, AOL only subscribes to about 5000 of the 19,000 (I'm
told) or so newsgroups out there. It'll probably take a month or so for them
to get it, *if* they even decide to carry it. I will stay with it when we all
move there, but I'll miss this list.

In other news: I have some Hygrophilia angustifolia. I don't hear much talk
of it, and never see it in the shops. But it grows like a weed, and I have to
periodically throw much of it away. It'll easily grow the 20" depth of my
tank, with leaves over a foot long, and is great for creating a little (and
sometimes alot of) shade over crypts. Sometimes I wish I could eat the stuff,
I'd never have to buy salad again. Is this a really common Hygro?