Although I have access to newsgroups, I have been unable to find 
rec.aquaria.plants . I have found two other sub-groups listed under rec 
aquaria. Is this newsgroup up and running yet? Are you folks receiving 
     If this list is discontinued, I for one will greatly miss it. Even if I 
can get the new newsgroup. This has a feel of friendliness and cooperation 
that I haven't seen on the newsgroups. I greatly enjoy everyone's civility 
and politeness and patience with newcomers. This can only help our hobby. The 
language here has always been courteous and proper; Something that is not 
always the case on a newsgroup.
     Finally, I hope that I am not writing our own obituary. I understand 
that this list must be a tremendous amount of work, but it also does a 
tremendous amount of good. I have heard ideas here that I would not have 
heard had I bought every plant book published. This list alone justifies my 
internet subscription.