Re: List Vs. Newsgroup

Shaji wrote: 
>Aquatic Plants Digest       Sunday, 10 March 1996       Volume 01 : Number 

>If there is sufficient interest in continuing the mailing list, I'd really
>like to see someone else take over my job of keeping it running.
>- -Shaji

We all appreciate your kind help and even-handed administration. Thank you. 
I,for one, would hate to see you give it up, but the pay isn't all that 
great, is it? :^)

Something that has worked well, so far, for killies, is a one-way gateway to 
the newsgroup, but *not* from newsgroup to the mail list. There is also an 
address for the list only, so signing up for the list is worth doing for the 
real die-hard types. The newsgroup then requires only a casual scan to pick 
up requests from newbies, etc.

A gateway from newsgroup to mail list would overload us even more than now. 
This list is considerably more active than killies@mejac, so I don't know if 
it would work out. Killies just recently added a digest option, so we differ 
there, too. IMHO, we can't afford to be without a list, for those with only 
e-mail access, but the work load must be manageable, and the newsgroup could 
take some of the load by using the killies approach.

Just my $0.0042 (adjusted for inflation),



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