Mail Order Company List

I'm compiling a list of mail order plant companies for a file that will be on
FISHNET and if anyone wants it here as well.  It will include international
companies as well.  I have Tropica's address and I'll grab companies off
Practical Fishkeeping and I'll check with Aqua Design Amano to see what is
available in Japan.

I would very much appreciate it if any of you have additional addresses, or
experiences with any of the companies I have listed, that you send me what info
you can.

BTW does Horizon still exist?  Can't find their phone number or address

Thanks much,

Doug Valverde 75051.160 at compuserve_com -or- dvalver at ibm_net

Company:  Delaware Aquatics
Owner:    Mike Trzonkowski
Address:  18 Anderson Rd
          Newark, DE 19713
Phone:    1-302-738-4042

Comments:  Wide selection of plants from common to rare.
Very nice guy and has good knowledge of plants and growing
conditions.  Plants are sometime extremely nice, sometimes
just okay, but almost always worth the money.  Sometimes
hard to get hold of.  Phone and Fax are same number.
Company:  Natural Aquarium
Address:  2906 Ossenfort Road
          Glencoe, MO 63038
Phone:    1-800-423-4717

Comments:  Never ordered from them.  Catalog ordered.  Ad
states 50 varieties of live potted plants, also sell
substrates, fertilizers, CO2 injectors and so on.
Company:  Aquarium Driftwood
Address:  P.O. Box 1607
          Semmes, AL 37575

Comments:  Also sell driftwood and I understand they have
some unusual pieces.  Have just increased size of
Company:  Westerleigh Aquarium
Address:  P.O. Box 140011
          Staten Island, NY 10314

Comments:  Catalog ordered

Company:  Renricks-AF
Address:  P.O Box 1383
          Chickasha, OK 73023-1383

Comments:  Send SASE for catalog
Company:  Arizona Aquatic Gardens
Phone:    1-800-942-4523

Comments:  Catalog ordered and waiting return call for
address info.
Company:  Rain Forest Tropicals
Address:  130 S. Vermont Ave. #1508
          Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Comments:  Send $2.00 for catalog.