Re: Aid for Hydrocotyle

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>Subject: Help for Hydrocotyle
>Two weeks ago or so, I bought 3 plants of Hydrocotyle. During this time
>many >leaves were lost and I did not find any new. My question (to someone
>of good >will) is: 1) my aquarium is 60 litres net (75 gross), 25 - 26
>degrees celsius, >lamp 20W per 7 hours by day. Question: subject to those
>hypothesis, would my >Hydrocotyle survive or I must change it with other
>plants? (Maybe anubias or >Vallisneria?) Please, answer me, I'll send you
>a card from Rome. (Do you prefer Colosseo or S. Peter's Church)? Maurizio
No need to send a card!  The 20 watts of light for only 7 hours sounds
awfully low.  I would recommend at least two 20 watt fluorescent tubes on
at least 12 hours a day.  Other than that, give it CO2, if you can, and
some supplemental iron. Are there any other plants in your aquarium that
are doing all right under the present condtions?

Good luck!

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