Never thought it would happen

	I just did sumthign yesterday I never thought Id have
	to do. I had to prune my plants. BIG time. Now that
	my main tank looks better I have a 10G tank chock full	
	of plants.
	I have a buncha crypts..about 12-14 small plants.
	My 2 Amazon swords turned into 4 large swords. Whihc reminds
	me...the swords didnt flower or anything like I see them doing
	in thepet stores...I KNOW i had one plant but when I took it
	out..I discovreed that it was now 2 plants growing together.
	I seperated them, the same exact thing
	happened with my other sword. I didnt know that
	they propagated that way.
	 I have about 10 bunches of sunset hygro in the 10 G awaiting their 
	fate..I dont know what to do with them. I found 3 bulbs in the tank. I 
	had only one bulb plant (Dwarf African Tiger Lily) so Im assuming
	that thats what they are. I put them in the frig fer a bit. Ill
	plant them later.
	I got a plant that MIGHT be nomaphlia stricta....it grows
	like a weed...even when I had only 15 watts going into the tank
	(tank is 20G High). Now I have about 60 Watts plus sunlight
	going into the tank...and its still dark at the bottom...well..was
	now that I chopped out a lot of plants..the Anubias Nana are getting
	more light.


							Ghazanfar Khan Ghori 
							ghori at wam_umd.edu
		  					ghori at netcom_com