Re: Anubias identification

While we are on on the subject of Anubias identification, has anybody
verified the accuracy of the Anubias pictures on the following books:

System for a Problem Free Aquarium.  Dennerle (1990)
A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants.  James, B. (1986)
Aquarium Atlas 1.  Baensch, H.A., Riehl, R 
Aquarium Plants Manual. Scheurmann, I. (1993) ?

The reason I asked was when I compared the Anubias nana pictures in the 
books listed above, I found that they were quite different from each other.
Are Anubias nana and Anubias barteri var. nana two different plants ?

In addition to the conflicting pictures, there were no good descriptions on
how to tell different species of Anubias apart. Does anybody have a
way to tell them apart from the leaf shape/color, flower, size, etc ?
I agree with Karen Randall's observation on the leaf size. It's not a
reliable way to differentiate Anubias species/varieties since under
brighter light, the leaf can grow larger. 

Karen, do you know when your AFM article on Anubias will be published ?
Does it describe ways to differentiate species/varieties ?