Re: mudskippers

>From: "Lisa A. Schultz" <lisa at localnet_com>
>Date: Sat, 17 Feb 96 21:18:10 -0800
>Subject: medskipper information
>My 8-year-old daughter is looking for information about a mudskipper.
>Apparently all the children in her class have picked a fish to do a report
>on, and she was given the mudskipper. when I perform a search on
>the mudskipper on the net I get reference to the Ren and stimply cartoon.
>  from what my 10-year-old tells me there is some theme song associated
>with this mudskipper in that "program".  Anyway any information you can
>provide or an address on the net that we can search would be most
>Thank you in advance.
>lisa at localnet_com
I looked around on the web for a while and didn't find much about
mudskippers.  There was a web page from some Asian college or university
that had a faculty member who did research on mudskippers, but the page
didn't say what the institution was, and it didn't have any links at all!!
There is a National Geographic video about mangrove animals for 19.95, but
I figured you didn't want that.  I found a list of TFH (Tropical Fish
Hobbyist) articles that had one about mudskippers, July 1979.  That's about
it, although I can't say I did anything like a complete web search.  There
may be some more info in the Smithsonian web pages and their connections; I
only looked at some of them.  It doesn't look as though the web is a good
place to look for articles on mudskippers for 8 year olds.  I sure did run
across a lot of Ren and Stempy enthusiasts, and I couldn't help thinking
that these were people who had nothing interesting (like aquatic plants)
for a hobby. <g>  I would say your best bet is to go to the biggest nearby
library and look for some books on fish.
Good luck!

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