Re: White scum(iron bacteria)

On 16 Feb 96 Olga wrote...

> Thanks for the info. Does this mean that I should stop adding fertilizer
> until it disappears? What do you mean by "sufficient"? Does this mean that
> my iron test kit lies when it says 0.05? I understood planted tanks would
> be better at 0.1. Will this "iron bacteria" go away in time no matter what
> the iron level in the water? Sorry for all the questions but I have a mania
> about knowing the "why" of things. :)

The reason why I know about "iron bacteria" is because I have it in my 
tank as well. From what I understand they are common occurence in the 
new setups but tend to dissapear when the tank is sufficiently cycled 
in. Aquarium are not the only place when one sees them. I have come 
accross technical water manual describing how to "combat them" (you 
don't want them in the water supply). I have read several articles 
about this menace but the only book I remember is Nature and Aquarium
(Advanced Aquarium Management) by Berti Gesting. The book is full
of interesting views some quite radical...If I am not mistaken I got 
it from AGA(through Karen Randall). But back to you questions.... In 
my experience I don't see any bacteria accumulation when I cut back 
my iron fertilization. My plants are not complaining either!! The are 
able to utilize iron and the much lower concentrations than 0.05. As 
far as the accuracy of iron test kits......well there has been a lot said 
about them in some previous postings. I have the overflow box on my 
tank and all things floating (including iron bacteria) ends up in it.I
clean the foam in it once weekly. If somebody on this list has more 
info on them please post it  since I am interested to find out more 

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