Re: hair algae from hell

First off, thanks for all the help.
>> It only got bad when I got the pH up to around 8.0 and the hardn
>> in the 2/3 range.

>Why are you trying to _raise_ your pH?  Your plants would do 
>better at a lower pH, and were probably able to out compete the 
>algae until you did this to them.

When I inherited the tank, the ph was around 5 and the water had no
detectable hardness.  The pH went up as I got the water hardness up.

>or fish tank for that matter.  It should be possible to edge your 
>tank into a "steady state" where the plants do better than the 
>algae, and some algae eating fish clean up _most_ of the rest. 

This is what I'm working on. :-)

I'd like the pH to get back down to 7, but I'm not happy with having
an unbuffered/no hardness tank.  I suspect (hope?) the pH will drift
back down over time.