Re: New CO2 Generator

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>P.S.   If anyone has any thoughts about the Magnum 350+biowheel 60 in terms
>of its adequacy for the bioload of a 70 or 75 gallon tank, I would greatly
>appreciate hearing from you.  I was taught that one filter/filtration
>method was never enough, so the prospect of only having this seems really

    The biowheels are excellent biofilters.  I have to 60's powered by a
fluval403 filtering 200 gallons with a VERY high bioload(200"+ fish).  I have
no problems with any of the bad stuff, but I could not recommend using such a
system as your ONLY system.  I am assuming that you are planning on a lot of
fish, therefore if the filter goes out, you have no biofilter.  If you are
running something like a sponge filter with the biowheels, then you have some
backup.  It won't be able to take care of all the chemical wastes, but it
will give you some buffer.  Now, if you aren't planning on a lot of fish,
then you are wasting money on the biowheels.  You will simply not need the
capacity that they offer.
    BTW, I would recommend the Fluval 403 or the Ehiem before the Magnum.
 The Fluval has a much greater filtering area and from what I hear, is a bit
more reliable.  Just my honest opinion.
    And finally, the biowheels will probably remove all of the CO2 that you
ma inject in the canister.
    Hope it helps.

                   Pete Datcuk