Re: Warm yeast

I use a DIY yeast setup because it's low tech. As a result, I don't go to
any lengths to make sure the yeast solution is at a constant temperature.
It'll just have to do what it does at room temp.

The only time my yeast "misbehaves" is during summer when temps in my home
go up to the 90s every few days. The yeast solutions don't last as long. So
I replace them more often. I watch the effect on pH in my tank. This is the
same effect as starting your yeast solution with warmer (but not too warm)
rather than cooler water.

Somehow, going low-tech and then putting in a lot of work to make it behave
like high-tech seems to defeat the purpose. The cost of DIY (in addition to
labor) is additional vigilance. In other words, if the CO2 is not doing
wild things with your pH, don't worry.

> G. Tong wrote: > >Warmer water in the yeast bottle will make the yeast
> reproduce more quickly >and produce more CO2. The yeast will also not
> live as long when it's warm >because its metabolism has speeded up.
> Now I'm getting confused. :(  We've been discussing keeping the yeast
> warmer but if what Greg says is true wouldn't it be better if it remains
> room temperature? How significant is the difference in life span -- a
> week, a couple of days?

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