Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #201


I also had the pleasure of living in Vancouver. I still pine for the 
fiords (though Im not as stiff as the parrot yet... for all those Monty 
Python fans). At any rate, you mentioned allelopathy. I have read that 
Cabomba does not tolerate other species of aquatic plants ... I do know 
that aquatic plants can secrete 20% or more of their gross photosynthetic 
output into the water and perhaps this is a problem for Cabomba when 
exposed to other species.However, I have not read any research papers on 
this topic so cannot give you any 'hard' evidence. You also mentioned 
stem rot. Aquatic plants can root quite happily in an anaerobic sediment, 
but need vigorous Ps in order to supply O2 to the roots ... perhaps this 
is a factor. Have you read Scheurmanns description of Cabomba ... he 
advocates a 'clean bottom' whatever that means.