Re: Reflective Material

Dirk,  You had written:
>Please forgive me.  I am absolutely sure I have read, somewhere on the net,
>a discussion of various reflective materials for use in DIY flourescent
>hoods, but I cannot, for the life of me, find it back now that I really
>want it.
>Does anyone either know what I read or a good reflective material for DIY
>flour. fixtures?

I remember some references to reflective materials on the net but can't
remember where they were from.

I have used several materials for flourescent lighting fixtures on a couple
of hoods I have made.  The best material I have come across is a highly
reflective material made by 3M.  The name of it is SilverLux.  As far as
reflectivity,  SilverLux is in the high 90% range (96% to 98%).  In fact,
the only material that is as close to the reflectivity value in  SilverLux
is a metalized mirror.  The bad news is that SilverLux is not available on a
retail level - I can get it because I work at 3M and know the engineers on
that product development team.  I have been trying to get them to consider
producing a retail product for hobbyists - no luck yet.

In your case,  I would try two things;  Triton Bright Lights or an
aluminized mylar.  The Triton (spelling?)  products might even be using 3M
SilverLux materials and are generally ready for instalation into a hood.
The mylar requires more handy work as does the 3M SilverLux I have used.
Start by making a parobolic type of reflector with sheet aluminum.  Coat the
surface with contact cement (not to plug 3M but they do make a great spray
adheasive for this type of application).  Now the hard part,  apply the
mylar to the prepared hood reflector - without any wrinkles (ha)(g).   You
might be able to nearly double your light output if the reflector is shaped

I hope this helps.