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> What you are describing are not aphids, they are aquatic 
> insects called springtails of the order Collembola.  They are 
> completely harmless and were probably introduced with some of your 
> floating aquatic plants (possibly collected from the wild).  They 
> will colonize the floating plants in your tank and probably go 
> unnoticed unless the plants are disturbed and they start jumping 
> around.  The fish will eat them if they can catch up with them, but 
> be careful that an enthusiastic eater doesn't jump out of your tank.
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I didn't write the original post you have responded too, but I have 
recently discovered aphids galore on the frogbit in two of my tanks.  I 
have had springtails in the past, but only in tanks with young fry.  As 
soon as the fry are patrolling the tank, the springtails dissappear.  Not 
true with the aphids; the Apistogramma  borellii juveniles won't eat them 
(yet?) and juvenile angels aren't thrilled with them either.  I've tried 
dunking them, but aphids are quite prolific (hell, as I remember they don't 
even need to have sex!) and it doesn't seem to put a dent in the population.
Any other control ideas out there?

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