fluorescent tubes.

I am replacing 2 cool-white bulbs with proper plant bulbs pretty soon and 
need some advice as to what bulbs to get. The bulbs are all 48".
I live in Australia and bulbs are really expensive.
The only reasonably priced bulbs at the only mail order place in Australia 
are the "Aqua-Glo" and "Aquastar". These are $16 each.
Which of the above is better? i plan to buy 2 or 3 bulbs. Depending on how 
much the pump for the wet-dry costs. Should I get a mix of them?
Some info form the catalogue about each bulb is:
-Standard intensity
-Stimulates plant growth
-Intensifies natural fish colours

-Long life triphosphor tube
-Colour temperature 10,000 degrees K
-Maintains brightness over time
-Promotes photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis

Thanks in advance

p.s. just to show how expensive bulbs are here Power-Glo and Flora-Glo are 
$28 each, Life-Glo is $53. Another shop also sells Coralife daylights(?) for 
$50 each.
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