Re: Sandpoint CO2 Setup

>> Are there any guidelines to setting the bubble rate? I'm using the
>> Sandpoint reaction chamber, a long green tube within a tube. Since my
>> pH did a fast nosedive while trying the initial setup, I don't want
>> to mess with it too much, but I don't want the system to over-react
>> either.
> With the Dupla reactor, we try to adjust the bubble rate so the pH
> runs for about 20 minutes when it is on.  No scientific reason for
> that, it just seemed OK.  The bubble rate is too fast to count.
George, this is a topic that I can relate to.  I've got a Sandpoint
controller, ASCO 110v Solenoid and a Dupla Reactor "S".  At this time I
have my bubble rate set so that the solenoid is on for about 5 minutes
and is off for about 20 minutes.  The bubble rate is just beyond being
too fast to count.  I'm guessing it's about 5-7 bubbles per second.
As you stated, Dupla isn't very descriptive when it comes to
implementing their equipment.  No where do I see a specification for the
water flow rate thru the Dupla reactor.  Have you read anything
specific?  The documentation mentions that a pump must be used to
achieve a high water throughput.  It doesn't, however, mention what high
throughput means.  I can only guess what rate I'm passing water thru the
reactor but my guess would be somewhere between 150 and 200 gallons per
hour.  It seems that anything slower causes the reactor to slowly empty
of water completely and CO2 bubbles escape the reactor through the
output.  If completely fill the reactor with water, with the current
water flow rate, the water level drops to around the number 3 mark and
stays there.
Don Pickerel <pickerel at netcom_com> wrote:
>> The airline tubing that came with the system is a black rubber. Is
>> this a special tubing to handle co2? I'd like to get a longer piece,
>> but I'm not sure what to use.
As others have suggested, it is probably neoprene rubber.  That is what
I am using now.  I just switched from silicon and it appears none to
soon according to the info George re-posted.
> Here's some info from an old posting:
> | According to Dennerle, who sell aquarium C02 systems, silicon hose
> | actually far worse than PVC:
That is very interesting.  Does Dennerle give any explanation as to how
silicon loses so much CO2?  I just recently replaced all of the hose on
my CO2 system with Neoprene.  Glad I did!