SAEs & Crypts in Vancouver

Aquarium Services on North Road in Burnaby has a good sized shipment
of SAEs. They're selling them for ~14$ Cdn, 2 for 26$. I had a chance
to check them out when they arrived. They are quite small; just over
an inch in size and look like the real thing. Unfortunately, since the
fish were still stressed by shipping, I could not make a 100% conclusive
positive id and I haven't been back since Saturday. They also have a
pretty good selection of Crypts; Olga, I know you were asking about
this. I can't id the Crypts but there was a variety...

Anybody in the Vancouver area who needs Ceratopteris (the one that
grows rooted with highly divided leaves; what-do-ya-call-it?) I have
lots. It has taken over the 49g tank and is now contemplating expanding
out to conquer other territory. There's Ludwigia, H difformis too
if you need some. Come over and sample my home-made Christmas cake. 
Hey George, you never did make it over for a visit. :-) Some of you
ski enthusiasts from Seattle should stop by on your way to the deep
Canadian Rockies powder over the Christmas break.