Faster growth in dim light stressful?

>I suspect that there is some kind of a change in the plant growth
>regulating hormones which occurs in dim light which provokes this
>response when the lighting changes. I think this could only occur
>in a plant which is healthy and has a vigorous root system and
>perhaps certain reserves. I wonder if this might be another clue
>in the puzzle to getting Aponogetons to break from the dormant cycle.

It seems to me the plants grew faster during their dark period because they
were looking for light. The same chemicals that cause plants to lean or
turn their leaves toward light are at play.  I suspect dormant Aponogetons,
without leaves, wouldn't be able to respond this way.

My question: Is this good for the plants? Wouldn't subjecting them to dark
periods now and then actually be stressful because it causes them to spurt
in pursuit of light? I suppose once light is restored, the plant can build
itself back up through photosynthesis. Is their growth in the dark leggy?

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