GREEN, DIY CO2, Confident Violinist

>>>>>>>>>>   I want to thank you for your replie  <<<<<<<<<<<

BobWurster, The confident french horner
Charley, Fort Collins, Colorado
Justin Frese, Fresno, CA.
Brendan, bshea at connix_com
Dexter Gresh

    I think it was unfair of me not to post my tank set-up to all of you, I
am sorry.
FW  Tank=45, pH=6.7>, NO2=0 - .25, NH3=.025+, dKH=?, set-up for 3 months, 
  lights=Floresint=1 new 20W full spectrum plus 2 VERY old 20W generic Aqua
  Fliters= UGF with Pwr.Head 126G per Hour on low, plus back filter Niagara
  Gravel= Sand (Montery) cleaned and kilned
  Temp=78' C   ;-),  Water changed= Bi-monthly,Tap Water at 1/3 changed
  Fertilizer=Tetre FloraPride+Tetre Initial Sticks(plants only) plus Kent
FW_P with Iron
  Fish=12 Tetra,5 Barbs,1clown L.,1 Rainbow shark, 1 C.A.E., 1 Crab (missing)
   Total Inch.=24in. Feed 3xday flake plus misc.

> Don't stress.  Have fun with it.< typed   charley Fort Collins, Colorado
  I have tried since the begining to have a low bi-load,  I hope this is not
Combustable but to me haveing an overstocked tank is not natrual.  Most Plant
lovers would agree, I Lurk B-|   If I could make my tank so, I would love it.
 But it's hard for me not to tune the cat guts :-)

>>>>Run with it man!  Run!  Any CO2 is better than _NO_ CO2!  I think
you will see an improvement. (I am assuming that you have at least
REASONABLE light.)<<<< 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Justin Frese, Fresno, California>>>
I have the system running but it seems that I'm getting an uneven bubble
flow, day to day,  will this effect my pH. over time or stress my loved one?
>>>> Why are you running a powerhead?>>>>>>>> 
 I will take your advice and ix-na the powerhead.
>>>>>>>>> So how are you running your CO2 into the tank? >>>>>>>
line into the tank with an airstone at the end which is inside of a baby food
jar, some bubbles get traped in for a minute then one middem bubble, others
small bubbles just move on up>>>>>>>>

<<<<Good luck and keep your hands out of the tank for a few weeks->>>
I, I, I can't I need to be with my fish :)
>>>proportional- increasing only one or two will probably result in algae
  this is true because I am showing sign of getting of different algae
growth,  If my eyes are good and the info. holds true, I'm getting blue algae
and tread algae... :-(

>>>I have a 30 gal. tall plant tank that is beautiful, and I don't even own a
test kit. >>>
                                    The confident french horner.
 ;-)      >>techno/science/engineering types whose very livleyhoods tend to
depend on emperical measurement of various sorts. >>
   I will try, I guess, on taking some lessons for the horn....   ;-)

    Too the ones who responed,  you have stilled my beeting heart.
          Thank you
   And to all, may you have a GREEN, and merry holiday