{Q} CO2, what to do?

 I think it everybody's dream is to have a lush aquarium with the minimum
fiddle.   I can only say that the first part is me, The second part is what I
can't help to
do. It seems that every other day I have my hand in the water to try
something new.  Maybe that's my problem, I worry to much.  I WANT GREEN,
ALLOTS OF GREEN.  so I came across the yeast generating CO2 set-up.  O.K.
I'll give it a try,  So its been set up for three days now and well,  I don't
know.  I'm trying it, I hope I'll have good luck,  But I'm (yes that right
I'M) worried, All in all my plants are doing O.K. some grow slow so grow
fast, I don't know how to get my dKH (carbonate hardness),  my question is
should I be staying away from this until I have figured out my lighting
requirement and Iron supplements and the other test that I should take into
consideration or should I run with it. 
 There's also a question I have to about CO2 and filters. I have a back
filter and one
powerhead They really seem to kick up a wake in the water, so I know I'm not
having a
problem getting enough Oxygen to my fish in the day and my plants at night
but POOF I
dont have any CO2, Right?   Well how about leaving the filters off during the
day, Is that
a good Idea or am I just going to shot me self in the foot? Will the plants
get the needed
nutrients and circulation around there roots? Will the plants get cold roots
during the
10plus hours of no filtration?   I really NEEDED to spill out my heart on the
I-way, So if
someone can stop by and pick up my heart for my plants I would be in your
            sincerely, the worried violinist