Plant sales

It looks like a couple of us may have Echinoduras that have grown too big for
their (our) britches.  I recall someone in Fishroom mentioning something about
selling or otherwise disposing of an E. bleheri.  I too have a sword I will
need to sell because it has taken over my 50 tall.  It needs a 90 tall I think.
 I believe it is bleheri, but to not overstep my taxonomic ability let me
simply say that the typical leaf is 16-18", longest 20"+, wavy margins,
slightly translucent when young, 3" wide or so, five ribs (mid-rib and two
others on each side).  It is a very nice plant, but definitely for the larger
tank.  Is anyone interested?   I would like to dispose of it in January (after
things are less crazy from the holidays).    

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com