Laterite and E. Tenellus

Subject: Thiel laterite


> I`m planning to set up a 55g plant tank over the holidays with D
> heating coils and laterite.  Mail Order Pet Shop has laterite fr
> Aquatech for much less than Dupla.  Has anyone tried it? Comment
> I know in the past there was laterite from Aquarium Pharmaceutic
> no one seemed to liked.  What about Thiel?
> While I like saving money, the substrate is one thing I want to 
> the first time.  Awfully hard to change it once the tank is up a

I know a number of people including myself who have used and been 
quite satisfied with Albert's laterite.  But then, I used AP 
laterite as long as it was available, and was happy with that too. 
It's true that the AP stuff was more likely to cloud the water, 
(Thiel's product does not) but if handled carefully, it was quite 
manageable.  Considering the price difference between the two 
products, I was willing to be extra careful not to let it get up 
into the water.


Subject: Decaying E. tenellus

The plant is a chain sword that I've had now for 7 months.
> different tanks and currently been in place for 3 months..   I'v
> problem untill now...
>       The decay is effecting the plant at the point where the le
> stem and then spreads up the left and down the stem. Its effecti
> growth first and starting on the new.. The leaf appears to have 
> intermixed in the decaying leaves..
>       Can anyone start to Identify this problem.
> I would apperiecate any help on this, Thank you...!

You haven't told us enough about the tank conditions to hazard 
much of a guess, but one thing that could definitely contribute to 
the problem is the number of times the plant has been moved in a 
short period.  Plants need time to settle in and grow.  If 
uprooted too often, they can use up their reserves to the point 
that they can no longer recover.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA